WJC Design, curator and President, William J. Carter, owner of a private label framing company and founder of a group of talented local artisans and skilled craftsman with aspiration each season to inspire our customers with developing original collections of Luxury Coastal Sea Art as well as a collection of Intaglios and reproductions of custom Coastal Prints.  Recently WJC Design acquired Ambler Art Group.  Ambler Art Group is a third generation, family owned, wholesale manufacturer, specializing in decorative artwork, antique prints and mirrors.  For over seven decades they utilized their discerning eye for quality materials and innovative design, placing them at the forefront of the furniture, design, and hospitality industries.  We are unique in that every picture is custom made and handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans.  The addition of the Ambler Art Group is a perfect compliment to WJC Design as we both have a focus dedication to producing the same exceptional quality and superior detailing to our end.