Intaglios were intended to preserve the arts and culture of ancient times, which had been lost throughout the centuries. Images were carved into stones and used to impress into wax seals. These carvings depict portraiture, renowned architecture, and celebrated scenes from ancient Rome and Greek mythology. In the 19th century, reliefs of these carvings were being reproduced in plaster form and became collectibles.

The Grand Tour depicts a journey taken through the landscapes of Europe with destinations in various countries, focusing on art and historical points of interest. The Grand Tour generally included the wealthy and well-educated society. As mementos, these small carvings were collected during their travels and displayed prominently in their homes.

We are offering a wide variety of intaglio reproductions collected from these journeys, presented in several different finishes, as well as groupings. Some of our collections, as noted, allow the opportunity of selecting a specific intaglio to be displayed. These collections will continue to be a source of conversation for years to come and a timeless art form.